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12 浮空尖山 / 風學院創作群

The Floating Jianshan Mountain/Creators at the Academy of Wind

藝術家在步道末端創造以迭次屋型框景,以旋轉之風跡造型形塑望向遠方之視覺軸線,軸線末端可望見轉入屏南地區的重要地標 - 尖山。

The artist created a frame with multiple houses and shaped
the visual axis in a distance based on the shape of the
rotating wind trail. Jianshan Mountain, an important landmark
of southern Pingtung, is visible at the end of the axis.

兩度獲邀參與威尼斯雙年展 (2006 建築雙年展、2011 建築雙年展 )

Participated in the La Biennale di Venezia (2006 and 2011 Architectural
Biennial Exhibitions)

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