White Feather


17 逆風女人 / 許村旭

The Woman Who Goes Against the Wind/HSU, Tsun Hsu

「逆風女人」即是在此時空背景產生的創作動機 ,落山風吸引來自世界各國的觀光客,千里迢迢到此嘗受強勁風速的激情擁抱,享受被奇妙的大自然將身上每一寸隙縫吹的鼓漲,彷彿像風箏 一眨眼就被吹向無邊無際的天空。

“The Woman Who Goes Against the Wind” is inspired by
this unique context. The downslope wind attracts tourists
from all over the world to experience the passionate
embrace of the strong wind and enjoy the caress of the
wind on every inch of the skin, just like a kite flying into the
infinite sky in the blink of an eye.


曾參與 2019 南韓水原國際攝影節,水原市,南韓

Participated in the 2019 Suwon International Photo Festival, Suwon City,
South Korea