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26 我從台北來 / 崔廣宇

I Am from Taipei/Tsui Kuang-Yu

我來自台北。對於異鄉我們有時會抱著某種情懷與想像,但我常懷疑這對於當地人而言會是什麼?來到恆春,落山風像是把雕刻刀,雕刻著墾丁的人文風土,也形塑大家對於生活的適應與想像。我看到在地產業期待復甦,返鄉青年創業,在地文化傳承,熱鬧的夜市交織著所有人的日常,只不過,這些是誰的想像,而這些想像又是如何被實現?慕落山風之名而來,卻察覺到一種被地方特色標誌下的發展宿命,這些困惑也發生在每個人周遭的城鄉發展過程,常看到人們從城市來此追尋夢想,最後這些變成當地人日常生活中的競逐。拿日常交換夢想,映射出不同價值交集下的產物,考驗著長久以來在落山風吹襲下所蘊育出的人文價值。許多人來到這裡都想感覺一下落山風的滋味,台北人自己認為,如果飛沙吹不痛臉頰 ,那一定是還在做夢。

I come from Taipei. Sometimes we have certain feelings and
imaginations for a foreign land, but I often wonder what this means
for the locals.
Arriving in Hengchun, the downslope wind feels like a carving
knife that shapes the cultural landscape of Kenting as well as
how everyone adapts to and imagines life. I see local industries
waiting to be revived, young people returning home to start their
own businesses, local culture being passed on, and everyone’s
daily life intertwined at the lively night market. However, whose
imagination is this, and how is it going to be realized?
I came here for the downslope wind, but I sensed the place is
destined for development marked by local characteristics. This
confusion also occurs in the urban and rural development around
everyone. We often see people coming from the city to pursue
their dreams, but the dreams turn out to be what the locals chase
after in their daily life.
The act of exchanging daily life for dreams maps out the products
of different values meeting, testing the humanistic value that has
been cultivated by the downslope wind for a long time. Many
people come here to experience the downslope wind, but the
people in Taipei think it must be a dream if the blown sand does
not hurt their cheeks.


獲 2017 ACC 亞洲文化協會台灣獎助計畫

Received funding under the 2017 Asian Cultural Council Taiwan Subsidy Plan